Keeping me company (or: there’s a hedgehog in my tent!)

I’ve just got back from a one night camping trip up at Hadrian’s Wall. I was woken in the night by someone carrying pots and pans outside my tent. Although annoyed by the thoughtlessness – it was 1.00am – I took the opportunity to take a peep at the stars and then went back to sleep. When I was disturbed a second time by the same noise I reconsidered the source, reached out for my torch and took a look in the tent porch. My hunch was right: low and behold, a hedgehog!

Caught in the act

I was quite pleased in a way – proof for any non-believers that hedgehogs really do visit (and eat!) tents. But also quite worried. There was no food in the porch, just a dirty pot, but I didn’t want to see any more hedgehog damage to my lovely tent. I gave it a prod but it just stuck its bristles out at me in the stubborn, “you can’t eat me” way that hedgehogs have.

For the rest of the night I was disturbed by tent rustlings, flea-scratching and pot-banging. Big hedgehog was joined by little hedgehog, who visited at least twice:

Little hedgehog

In the end I turned the dirty pot over and endeavoured to ignore the terrible twosome. I was relieved this morning to see that no damage was done, and it was nice to have the company and trust of my two new friends, even if they did keep me awake most of the night!


About Yasmine

After working with horses for many years I came to my senses and got a 'proper job'. I now live in Weardale with My Taller Half, a mad border collie and 5 chickens. Still wishing I could spend all my time in the great outdoors
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