Close encounters of the bat kind

After chaining myself to the computer all day, I decided to go for a quick walk along the local footpaths before it got too dark. Walking back along the farm track at 8.00pm this evening I had a wonderful close encounter, finding myself totally surrounded by bats.

To my left was a small wood lined with hawthorn. Like many in Durham, it was once a spoil heap for an old mine. To my right a harvested field lined with young rowan and maple trees. The bats – at least five, but they’re very hard to count – appeared oblivious to my presence. Zipping past me they used the track as their very own super highway, pausing occasionally to chase each other round in circles or pluck a hapless insect from a tree branch. They flew so close I could hear their squeaks and the beat of their tiny wings.

I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like if one of them forgot to duck round me – like being hit by a bullet I suspect!


About Yasmine

After working with horses for many years I came to my senses and got a 'proper job'. I now live in Weardale with My Taller Half, a mad border collie and 5 chickens. Still wishing I could spend all my time in the great outdoors
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