I’m acutely aware that I haven’t blogged for a while. I’d say I’ve been busy but the truth is I just haven’t got around to it. So what’s been happening?

All’s very quiet in the garden. The tree sparrows still visit every day, but the colony has broken up, and the pack mentality has gone – I see them in ones and twos, not twenties and thirties. The youngsters are very definitely on their own now. Or Lunch, as the sparrowhawk must think of them.

I haven’t actually seen a sparrowhawk lately, but the fledglings blithely carry on eating long after the adults have scarpered. Easy pickings for the hawk, and I’m sure the adult sparrows are taking full advantage of these naive morsels. Nature is cruel, but that’s life I guess.

The birds are quiet, but the skies have been busy. June has been very unsettled weather-wise, which means great clouds! They’re all up on flickr, but I’ll post my favourites here.

I’ve also found some ponies to photograph. They’re in Crook, a thirty minute (and £6.20!) bus ride from Durham. Crook is a very pretty market town nestled among hills at the gateway to Weardale. From the right vantage point you can see the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales, and of course good views of Weardale itself.

My route took me through a series of gateless fields shared by a herd of two year old cobs. Some of them were snoozing near the style when I first got to the field. They all got up, startled by the intrusion, but then followed me as I headed along the footpath. As I stopped to dig out my camera a whole gang of them encircled me, creeping closer and closer but not daring to touch. Just like cows will. Photoshoot over, they escorted me the entire length of the footpath (through two of their fields) but even the bravest wouldn’t touch my hand. I’m guessing they have had little handling, but they all seemed very sweet natured.

So now I’m pining for horses (I’d swap the office for stables again any day – I just need a salary match!!) but I can console myself that I can always go visit them again…

Some cloud photos (click to see large):

Poppies taken at sunset in June


Silver lining as cumulonimbus towers pass overhead


The low light reveals the clouds' shape and texture stunningly


Some ponies:

Crowding round to have their photos taken (you're too close - step back, I can't get you all in!)


The bravest pony was this pretty skewbald


Edging closer and closer - making it hard to get the rascals in focus (processed in black and white as the colour was a bit bland)


Not all the ponies wanted to say hello...


Well, that’s it for now. More photos on flickr – link is on the right somewhere


About Yasmine

After working with horses for many years I came to my senses and got a 'proper job'. I now live in Weardale with My Taller Half, a mad border collie and 5 chickens. Still wishing I could spend all my time in the great outdoors
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One Response to summertime

  1. Janice says:

    Really love the poppy at sunset photo and the skewbald. Beautiful.

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