A belated look back at the year

I thought about writing this post on 31 December 2012, but for one reason or another I’m only writing it now.

Most of my blog posts are written for you, the reader, but this one is written for me. You can read it too. You might as well…

2012 was a big year for me. I’m now living in my not-quite-dream-house-but-good-enough-for-keeps house in Wolsingham. If you don’t know it, Wolsingham is in Weardale. Think Yorkshire Dales and then shrink it a bit. My new house has a pond. It has baby fruit trees. It has a view. The pond and the fruit trees are down to me, but the view is what sold me the house.

the view from my office window this morning

the view from my office window this morning

My three big aims for 2012 were to take more and better photos, write more, and get in lots of driving practice. Well, my photography has taken off and been my main focus. I’ve written less as a result (sorry reader). And let’s not talk about the driving – we’ll just say that it’s amazing what you can do with an hourly bus service.

We’ve had the expected, planned, and unanticipated pet developments. Poor old Sparky decided to go to cat heaven on the day we were Sale Agreed on our house. She was twenty you know – not bad for a rescue cat. There is now a chicken run in the garden. Rescue chickens will arrive in the spring. And I’ve already told you about our not-a-Xmas-present border collie puppy Holly.

So what about 2013?

More photography is a given. I’ll try and keep writing (please shout at me). But I’ll mostly be learning how to be a border collie owner. I’m not making any driving promises. Oh, and I’m going to be doing lots of local volunteering. I’ll probably tell you about it as the year develops.

As I’m border collie obsessed at the moment, here are some more Holly photos…

border collie puppy

border collie puppy



About Yasmine

After working with horses for many years I came to my senses and got a 'proper job'. I now live in Weardale with My Taller Half, a mad border collie and 5 chickens. Still wishing I could spend all my time in the great outdoors
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3 Responses to A belated look back at the year

  1. I can’t keep up with you Yasmine, last time I dropped by you were in Crook. So you moved in Weardale, lovely part of the world, I don’t nearly spend as much time there as I should. Love the pup and the view. You’ve also taken some remarkable pictures over the year. Love the washing line, but you know me 🙂

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