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Every picture tells a story

I took this picture this morning. I think it sums up the year pretty well. I’ve been really looking forward to this Autumn’s foraging season. I’ve moved house, and so I need to learn my new patch, but as I … Continue reading

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You won’t know Durham until you go to the Gala

Durham is built on coal. Coal is in the blood: many families have a mining background and the realities of mining are still in living memory. Indeed, the last pit to close was Easington Colliery in 1993, and today there … Continue reading

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Make time for meadows

I wanted to write this post in early June. The local meadows were ablaze with flowers. It felt a total privilege to be able to walk through and witness them. I was going to talk about how amazed I was … Continue reading

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Wrong Turn Right Choice

This is the final instalment of my Spring 2012 Teesdale Trilogy, rudely interrupted by the Olympic Torch… So where was I? We were camping in Middleton-in-Teesdale for the Jubilee long weekend and decided to try out some of the walks … Continue reading

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And the Torch comes to Durham

It’s Olympic Torch Day for Durham. The weather forecast is vile – heavy rain all day. I nearly decide to stay at home. I get the bus into Durham. It is not too rainy – drizzle interspersed with showers. There’s … Continue reading

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Have I slept through the summer?

The weather has been interesting this year to say the least: the snow we have all come to expect didn’t bother to show up, we all got sunburned through March, April showers didn’t stop, and now the Darling Buds of … Continue reading

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Durham Rocks!

Finally, after four years living in County Durham, my Taller Half and I have started volunteering with the Durham Wildlife Trust. Today we had a geology training day, led by geologist David Lawrence. Half classroom, half field trip, we learnt … Continue reading

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