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Every picture tells a story

I took this picture this morning. I think it sums up the year pretty well. I’ve been really looking forward to this Autumn’s foraging season. I’ve moved house, and so I need to learn my new patch, but as I … Continue reading

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A wild weekend

It’s raining again. This isn’t really a surprise as it’s been the theme of the weekend. Summer-like sunshine, cloud, rain, sun, rain, and on and on. This didn’t stop me from spending most of the weekend outside, and the rest … Continue reading

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It’s time to make rowan jelly

We’re only half way through August, but already the hedgerows are ripening: blackberry, rosehip, rowan and elder are all ripe – if you look hard enough. This feels early to me, but then I’m always surprised when the first signs … Continue reading

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Beef fungus

Yesterday I went on a hunt for woodland mushrooms. It feels an odd time of year to be doing this – it’s high summer and the ground is parched – but my local woodland is full of blushers and brittlegills, … Continue reading

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Elderflower cheesecake – naughty but nice

Today I made an elderflower cheesecake with some of this year’s elderflower cordial. I don’t often take photos of food, but this was so bloody nice I couldn’t resist. I got the recipe from Alison Delaney’s great foraging blog Nibbling … Continue reading

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Eating weeds

I’ve taken foraging to the next level: I’ve started eating weeds. It all started with the first ramsons, or wild garlic. While searching for recipes I found all sorts of other edible wild plants. I’ll now snack on wood sorrel, … Continue reading

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Spring foraging

Today is the official first day of Spring. It is also the Spring Equinox and Celebrate Our Forests Day (the latter is basically a celebration for the #SaveOurForests campaign, but it’s also World Forest Day tomorrow). So what did I … Continue reading

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